I have to apologize for the long delay. Just been super busy! Well, I was browsing Facebook, and naturally, I'm a Fan of Bruce Lee. Of course, I'm an actual fan and a fan of his Facebook. Well, his daughter, Shannon Lee, made a post concerning the documentary How Bruce Lee Changed the World. Bruce's official website was recently rebooted, and she blogged about how her father impacted her life. Well, the question was, how has Bruce Lee impacted YOUR life. This was my response. I will update again soon.

Here is my response:
I remember the first time I saw Enter the Dragon as a boy on television when I was suppose to be in bed. It was, to put it simply, amazing. When I think of martial arts, there are many great performers. Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Tony Jaa but there is only one Bruce Lee.

Taking away even his awesome prowess as an athlete, Bruce seemed to carry an air about him that he was always sure. Never self doubt. He was so mature, so learned and full of rich philosophy. I recently started Jujitsu and have found a whole other level of spirituality that is so new to me. I find that Bruce’s teachings take on a whole new meaning. I am so hungry to learn, he is a fantastic teacher in helping us to better ourselves.

To paraphrase another great martial artist when reflecting on Bruce Lee’s unfortunately tragic life: When defeat comes, I won’t even notice…Because I’ll be too busy lookin’ good!

Thank you Bruce, and thank you Miss Shannon for keeping his memory alive. I live for the day that I can show my child (maybe in 10 years!) Bruce’s Films*.

*Maybe not the boobs in The Big Boss
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