This is my first official journal entry. How does one begin one of these? I don't know fancy ways of fancificating (I made that up) this journal, so you will have to bare with me. How does one start one of these? I never kept a diary as I wasn't a young girl with a Lisa Frank notebook, so this is all very alien to me. In addition, I'm renown for not sharing my feelings. I guess we will start this the only way I know how:

Entry 1 - C

I don't know if one or one hundred people will read this, but for anyone that is, ask yourself something: Are you happy? I think that is the purpose of life. Maybe it isn't for us to be happy, specifically, but to help others achieve this goal aswell. I have faith in it. I find in our world (Its big, believe me), it can be quite scary.

Today, I went to see Star Trek 2009. I found the film to be very fun, as any summer film should be. I've watched more Star Trek in the last week then I could basically stomach in preparation for this film. I watched the marathon of Enterprise on SyFy all yesterday aswell as random TNG episodes and First Contact.

I feel like this film really achieved something. Do you remember the first time you saw Star Wars IV: A New Hope? I really got that feeling from this film. Being immersed in a world that you cared about. I really didn't feel that connection (Save from the ballerness that was Darth Maul) in the Prequel films. Is this movie strictly Star Trek of old? No, of course not. Its actually exciting.

Don't jump down my throat for that. Everyone knows Star Trek is the most fascinating boredom one can enjoy. I always felt like for all the visceral splendor that was Star Wars, Star Trek was the counter-point that was more about the imagination and emotion. This film has managed to combine both into a great package. And for once, phasers are actually cool.

So, with all that added, I am kind of spent. Lets hope something traumatic happens to me tomorrow so I can run home and blog about it. Yippee!

What a fag I am.


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