In 1999, as a young boy I embarked on a grand journey that lasted me roughly six hours. Forced to wear the boots of the legendary soldier, and not self-proclaimed hero, Solid Snake. While still somewhat of a cult classic, Metal Gear Solid (and the previous Metal Gear games) are nearly single-handedly the blue-print for video games today.
When games for the playstation like Final Fantasy came out, FMV (cutscene) films were designe with enhanced graphics that far exceeded what you saw in gameplay. At this point in time, it was just customary in that games were designed that way. MGS did away with it and used the same graphics, which were crisp for the time, all the way through.
In addition, voice acting was atrocious in games. If a video game even had voice acting, it was like you found a bunch of porno actors to read lines. Their enthusiasm made you believe they were doing it for free, as well. This too, changed with MGS. Quality and cinematic voice acting made the game so real.
Why have I told you this? Because I respect this game. I love this game. I recently replayed this game, and it is still great. Is it dated? Yeah, but the cinematic value and story still hold true today. When the sequel arrived on the newly crafted Playstation 2, I could barely contain myself. In fact, I played the opening Tanker section nearly to death as the PS2 had a memory card shortage and I could not advance beyond that, so I simply kept playing the Tanker.
However, as is well known today, once you move beyond the Tanker your character switches. Slightly off-put at first, I came to embrace Raiden while my friends and the majority of the internet put him down for two main reasons.
1.) He wasn't Solid Snake.
2.) He was girly.

People were so upset that you had to play as Raiden, that I remember the tons of hate this wonderful game got. I thought it was stupid then, but I find it funny now. That is how close people relate to Snake, in that they would get actually mad that they could not play as him. Even though there is no real discernible difference between the two in game-play.
Snake Eater came out, and for me, wasn't able to be the game that 1 and 2 were, but it was still a good game none the less. But, I've talked alot about videos games and that is not what my post is about, to say. My post is about my feelings towards this series, as I played the last installment of Solid Snake's legacy. I finished MGS4 today, and it was amazing.
I had read a lot of negative criticism about MGS4, and alot of bashing (much like MGS2). Surprisingly, MGS3: Snake Eater was indifferent. I think this is mainly because it was at the end of the PS2's life cycle, and the game didn't really bring much information to light that anyone truly cared about.
So, I'll review the gameplay of MGS4 by saying that it is amazing. Yes, it is frustrating ta times. And yes, the controls suck at times but they've always sucked. Just like Resident Evil. Some of the smaller portions of the game, like the ending battle, are simply mind-blowing. Revisiting past locations and even getting to pilot a Metal Gear was like becoming a child again.
In short, I want to thank Solid Snake for being a great mentor. Some of us needed help on entering manhood, and needed a legendary role model like yourself. I love you, and thank you.

I have to apologize for the long delay. Just been super busy! Well, I was browsing Facebook, and naturally, I'm a Fan of Bruce Lee. Of course, I'm an actual fan and a fan of his Facebook. Well, his daughter, Shannon Lee, made a post concerning the documentary How Bruce Lee Changed the World. Bruce's official website was recently rebooted, and she blogged about how her father impacted her life. Well, the question was, how has Bruce Lee impacted YOUR life. This was my response. I will update again soon.

Here is my response:
I remember the first time I saw Enter the Dragon as a boy on television when I was suppose to be in bed. It was, to put it simply, amazing. When I think of martial arts, there are many great performers. Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Tony Jaa but there is only one Bruce Lee.

Taking away even his awesome prowess as an athlete, Bruce seemed to carry an air about him that he was always sure. Never self doubt. He was so mature, so learned and full of rich philosophy. I recently started Jujitsu and have found a whole other level of spirituality that is so new to me. I find that Bruce’s teachings take on a whole new meaning. I am so hungry to learn, he is a fantastic teacher in helping us to better ourselves.

To paraphrase another great martial artist when reflecting on Bruce Lee’s unfortunately tragic life: When defeat comes, I won’t even notice…Because I’ll be too busy lookin’ good!

Thank you Bruce, and thank you Miss Shannon for keeping his memory alive. I live for the day that I can show my child (maybe in 10 years!) Bruce’s Films*.

*Maybe not the boobs in The Big Boss
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( Jun. 12th, 2009 10:12 pm)
Sorry its been so long since I posted.

I'm watching Friday Night Fights tonight. This post isn't about boxing, but I am a huge fight fan. You know what bothers me about boxing? The commentators, Joe Tessetore (sp?) and Teddy Atlas openly acknowledge that a prospect fighter is facing a "tomato can". Why the hell do we have the fight in the first place then? Blah to boxing.

Anyways, the real reason for this post is because I have been doing some thinking about Orphans. Now, I was adopted legally by my Step-father. This means that I was able to take his name and join his family when my mother married him. Not quite your standard adoption as you think it, but I bring this up because I recently had to get documentation of it for something.

Well, I went to see "Drag me to Hell" tonight. Not a bad movie, but the real thing to discuss was in the previews. A movie called "Orphan" is coming out soon, and it features a spooky young girl named Esther that is adopted and subsequent spooky and murderous things occur after.

Now, here is the question. Why are you fucking with orphans like this? Like kids that need a good family and need to be adopted really need this weighing over their head? I mean, yeah, its a stupid movie but when I saw the Omen, it made me think twice about adopting. Its silly, but who knows who you are really bringing home? Chances are, its a wonderful child and films like these make you (if you think like me) reconsider it just slightly.

Is it silly? Of course, but I can't help but feel a little tinge in the back of my mind. I really think that movie producers should think a little more deeply about their subject matter sometimes. I'm sure alot of you will think I'm taking this a little too seriously, but its just a thought.
This is my first official journal entry. How does one begin one of these? I don't know fancy ways of fancificating (I made that up) this journal, so you will have to bare with me. How does one start one of these? I never kept a diary as I wasn't a young girl with a Lisa Frank notebook, so this is all very alien to me. In addition, I'm renown for not sharing my feelings. I guess we will start this the only way I know how:

Entry 1 - C

I don't know if one or one hundred people will read this, but for anyone that is, ask yourself something: Are you happy? I think that is the purpose of life. Maybe it isn't for us to be happy, specifically, but to help others achieve this goal aswell. I have faith in it. I find in our world (Its big, believe me), it can be quite scary.

Today, I went to see Star Trek 2009. I found the film to be very fun, as any summer film should be. I've watched more Star Trek in the last week then I could basically stomach in preparation for this film. I watched the marathon of Enterprise on SyFy all yesterday aswell as random TNG episodes and First Contact.

I feel like this film really achieved something. Do you remember the first time you saw Star Wars IV: A New Hope? I really got that feeling from this film. Being immersed in a world that you cared about. I really didn't feel that connection (Save from the ballerness that was Darth Maul) in the Prequel films. Is this movie strictly Star Trek of old? No, of course not. Its actually exciting.

Don't jump down my throat for that. Everyone knows Star Trek is the most fascinating boredom one can enjoy. I always felt like for all the visceral splendor that was Star Wars, Star Trek was the counter-point that was more about the imagination and emotion. This film has managed to combine both into a great package. And for once, phasers are actually cool.

So, with all that added, I am kind of spent. Lets hope something traumatic happens to me tomorrow so I can run home and blog about it. Yippee!

What a fag I am.
I suppose this is the beginning of a journey. You'll soon find that I'm somewhat of an idiot, but all together charming. I think that wraps me up quite nicely. You may call me Clunks, as my pseudo-sister still does. It seems a nickname that I am incapable of escaping, which as of yesterday, I was told that I am still as immature as ever.

I'm not really sure what to write here. I've never really blogged before, so, I assume I'm doing something right so far. In these entries, I will be combining a diary along with columns on things that peak my interest. I'm going to try to keep the two separate for anyone that is reading that couldn't care less about the other side of my babblings.

I suppose I'll talk a wee about myself. I find the world to be a fantastic place that is filled with wondrous things. Everyone says I'm an optimist, but I don't think I could look at things in any other light. So, my hobbies involve automotives, wrasslin' and mixed martial arts. I sound like an Renaissance Redneck. That would have been a good Gamertag. Oh well.


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